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Ascend bridges this gap through two business solutions: the Ascend Network and Ascend Services. The Ascend Network is a custom software that creates a profile of companies, departments and jobs with the skills needed to do these jobs such as character traits, technical skills and work style requirements. Started in late , the network now has employers, and several thousands of jobs. Ascend works with educational institutions to identify students and invite them to build profiles on their skills, traits and workstyle. Ascend has used this method to connect over 1, individuals to employment and internships, with a focus on those from underrepresented backgrounds. On the other hand, Ascend Services is the management consulting function of Ascend that helps companies fill specific positions they have a recurring obstacle in filling.

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This book is the result of the Arabic Type Design Project, and includes ten fonts. She holds degrees in graphic design from Yale University School of Art and Rhode Island School of Design, and specializes in bilingual typographic research and design. She is currently pursuing a PhD at Leiden University while working between Europe and the Middle East as a typography and design consultant. Convert currency.

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Jump to navigation. Although Lisa Griffis, a senior citizen from The Woodlands, Texas, and Alanis Ymbernon, a junior exchange student from Barcelona attending The Catholic University of America, have never seen each other in-person, they regularly chat via Zoom about art and travel. Biomedical engineering sophomore Aditi Merchant founded the website along with Allen Zhou, an electrical and computer engineering sophomore, and his brother Anthony Zhou.

Merchant said they came up with the idea through their experiences volunteering in nursing homes. They wanted to help foster human connections during quarantine when many people, especially seniors, lived in isolation. The website has had nearly signups globally, extending to countries such as France, New Zealand and China, matching senior citizens and young adults through shared interests. Ymbernon said she was nervous meeting Griffis for the first time, but said they were a good match.

Griffis said they bonded over their love of art, as Griffis was into photography and Ymbernon makes and sells jewelry. Griffis said she even bought earrings that Ymbernon made. Merchant said that she thinks the connections made on the site will extend beyond the COVID outbreak.

10 questions we had after watching ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Currently corporates are facing new challenges. They have to adjust their existing business models to absorb potential turnover losses. Processes have to be digitalized to be more efficient and new trends have to be adapted to keep the customers satisfied. How can they overcome internal structures and barriers? How can they try new things without risking their loyal customer base?

This is where Tech Bridge comes into play.

Building Cultural Bridges with Typeface Design Typographic Matchmaking presents the first government-funded design research project that aimed to support.

Building Cultural Bridges with Typeface Design Typographic Matchmaking presents the first government-funded design research project that aimed to support cultural integration within society though design collaboration. This intercultural project brought together five teams of Arab and Dutch type designers to create a fully integrated Arabic extension to five existing and established Latin font families.

The five projects discussed in this book pose questions about the aesthetic and technical issues concerning the creation of Arabic fonts as companions to Latin ones, and thus still addresses contemporary and global communication needs. The resulting five Arabic typefaces were widely used throughout the Arab world, charting a new trend in Arabic type design.

Eventually, all these fonts were further developed and became part of the collection of established font foundries. One type design received the TDC award for excellence in Typeface design, and for four of the Dutch type designers this project was the start of a continued work in Arabic type design and font production. This second edition, not only presents the design process of the original project, it also showcases in additional colored pages, a select selection of samples of the way the fonts have been used by designers from around the world.

ISBN 13: 9789063691240

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We detect the challenges of the demand side and tap our international network to select the companies that suit better to solve their needs. This a win-win formula for everyone involved. We get coordinated with your team to be on your side along the identification of those business opportunities – with a high impact on your strategy.

Once detected, we select the best companies for you to choose your tech partner. They asked Ticbiomed for advice. The most suitable proposals had the opportunity to pitch in front of a MSD committee. Winners started a co-creation process with MSD. Ticbiomed has walked side by side with the MSD innovation team through all the phases. Both and editions have been successful.

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UT students bridge g Although Lisa Griffis, a senior citizen from The Woodlands, Texas, and Alanis Ymbernon, a junior exchange student from Barcelona attending The Catholic University of America , have never seen each other in-person, they regularly chat via Zoom about art and travel. Add to Chrome. Sign in.

: Typographic Matchmaking: Building cultural bridges with typeface design () by Smitshuijzen AbiFarès, Huda and a great.

UniPID is a network of Finnish universities to advance universities’ global responsibility and to strengthen their response to global challenges. UniPID offers a variety of support services for the interdisciplinary studies, research and societal impact of universities related to global development. UniPID connects researchers and institutions engaged with global development within Finland, and to partners around the world. UniPID engages actively with policy makers, advocating for evidence-based policies and stressing the importance of higher education and research in facing global challenges.

UniPID offers a variety of funding opportunties for researchers, lecturers, and partners from our member universities. UniPID has collected a number of opportunities for research, capacity building, and other types of activities related to development research. Deadline for applications: 20th of March. Registration and more information on the Tour. The call is directed to health experts focusing on or interested in building further collaboration with partners in China.

Please note that this call is only for senior level experts with a strong academic background of Finnish universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes, and residing in Finland only, and only for this particular event.

UT students bridge generational gap during COVID-19 pandemic through online matchmaking platform

But personalities aside, the reality series is a fascinating glimpse into the Indian cultural traditions surrounding finding a mate and planning a wedding. Viewers who aren’t familiar with the customs might wonder, “Why don’t they just try Tinder? Here are some of the questions that might come up for those who are new to Indian culture. Why does the matchmaker keep mentioning that potential matches are fair-skinned? Is that acceptable? While many object to the term, it is a shameful fact that preference is traditionally given to those with lighter skin.

submitted information to be considered, it will be shared with your requested company/companies. You will be notified if they confirm a matchmaking session.

Thanks to its volunteers, fosters, and behavior team, APA! Their Matchmaker Program guides adopters through the information available on each dog and the adoption process and ensures safe and productive interactions between the dogs at our rescue and the public. Though emphasis on dogs as individuals and a commitment to knowing each dog as thoroughly as they can, APA! Learn about how this program develops and maintains cutting-edge initiatives aimed at decreasing dog length of stay and improving the success rate of adoptions.

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Irrespective of background, educational qualifications, religion and caste, there is something every, single, carefree year-old Indian has in common with his or her fellow citizens: an endless stream of friends and well-meaning relatives haranguing them to get married. In this country, the couple life is still revered as the only legitimate way for adults to seek happiness despite hard evidence to the contrary; overcrowded family courts spilling over with people seeking divorce.

This obsession with matrimony has been fed in no small way by the entertainment industry when the extended family, with all its structures and tensions continues to be the safest storyline for filmmakers in Bollywood. Generations of moviegoers knew you can have three hours of traversing familiar territories of yearning, betrayal and matriarchal interference, secure in the knowledge that the conclusion will be a glittering and tearful wedding.

Roebling Bridge Across Ohio River in Cincinnati. Photo Courtesy Getty Images, Jen Seiser. Jen Seiser. By Jim Dallke. July 28, , am.

Get all the sports news you need, direct to your inbox. By subscribing, you are agreeing to Yahoo’s Terms and Privacy Policy. Instead, it was when Taparia met with an astrological face reader to get more insight on a client. So, what exactly is face reading? So, we’re always reading faces, even if it’s unconscious. The second aspect of face reading is that our face identifies us; we each have specific traits that, in combination with each other, show personality, potential and how your body is doing.

Either way, “There’s a lot of crossover between Indian and Chinese practices,” Bridges shares. In Bridges’s experience, face reading is way to help people understand themselves. No individual trait is inherently good or bad. It just is. In Bridges’s work, the key is the combination of those traits. And a wide mouth and full lips means that a person is caring.

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