Marnie Lines: ‘I’m A Vegan And It’s Hard For Me To Be Close To Anyone Who’s Not’

Smith adopted the stage name Kalel Cullen in reference to Superman and Twilight, respectively. Kalel is widely known for her multiple YouTube channels and personalities. She is known to frequently delete all her content before revealing a new style or theme. Beginning with successful beauty channel queenbeeuty in , Kalel developed a large subscriber base. Five months after the video was posted, queenbeeuty was removed from YouTube. Kalel briefly posted lifestyle, vlogs and advice videos on her second channel, KalelCullenTV , but the channel did not gain the traction of her previous one. Kalel announced she would be moving to a new channel named Cozplai , where she intended to post tutorials showing how to make cosplay costumes for her favourite characters.

The 20 Best Vegan YouTube Channels

I went vegan with my partner Nate on November 9, I even went vegetarian a couple of times—once when I was about 10 and then again when I was 18—because I started questioning why it was okay for an animal to have died so that I could eat it. But both times, I ended up quitting because I figured if everyone else around me was eating meat, then surely it couldn’t be that bad. I certainly never thought I’d go vegan.

Then, last fall, Nate and I decided to do some research on veganism after his parents started talking about potentially going fully plant-based.

Avant Garde Vegan youtube was launched in December One of Gaz’s biggest achievements to date is doing 2 collaborations with Wagamama, the.

Canada About Youtuber Welcome to my channel. Here you will find vegan recipes that are quick to make and use simple ingredients. My aim is to show people how easy and accessible the vegan lifestyle is. About Youtuber Bonny Rebecca is a vegan advocate, social media influencer, and the author of Carbolicious. She is passionate about helping her followers, many of whom are young girls, realize that healthy food is something to love, not fear.

Her whole-food, plant-based recipes are colorful, healthy, and filling. Together we’re cooking up vegan love and bringing the increasingly popular lifestyle to food fans across the globe. We’ve got a knack for creating vegan versions of popular comfort foods like mac and cheese, burgers, caeser salad, and even cheesecake, bringing vegan eating into the mainstream. Ryan wields logic and science to respectfully debunk anti-vegan rhetoric spread by mass media in popular response videos, while Anji vlogs What I Ate In A Day, travel vids, unboxings, and reviews to illustrate how easy and fun it is to live a vegan lifestyle.

Canada About Youtuber How to live a cheap lazy vegan lifestyle!!! Join me, whether you are a vegan, a vegan enthusiast, a vegetarian, a non-vegan interested in a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle United States About Youtuber I’m a content creator who is passionate about food, veganism, and a healthy lifestyle – and showing others how easy it can be.

Vegan YouTube: Food, Fitness, Education and Travel

March 27, 1 Comment. What the world needs now is an abundance of vegan channels on YouTube There are so many more vegan options out now than there were years ago – many grocery stores even sell vegan frozen meals and other convenience foods that weren’t available in the past. As more people are educating themselves on the benefits of a vegan diet for both the body and the planet, it’s no surprise that a wealth of information has popped up on the Internet as well.

There are myriad vegan food blogs and recipes available online – all you need to do is search.

Love it or not, Valentine’s Day is here. It’s not easy for vegan and vegetarian singles to find a like-minded date. That’s where Veg Speed Date.

By Danielle Zoellner For Dailymail. A former vegan YouTube star has experienced furious backlash from her followers after she revealed she followed the carnivore diet for 30 days, which entails eating only animal products. Alyse Parker, who garnered more than , subscribers by sharing her eating and exercise tips, shared a video this week detailing her 30 days on the carnivore diet. In the video , the YouTuber, who is originally from Connecticut, said she was taking on the challenge to better understand people who follow other diets, but the dramatic change only infuriated her following.

Controversial: Alyse Parker, a former plant-based YouTuber, took on an extreme challenge by eating only animal-based products for 30 days. Backlash: Commenters attacked the YouTuber for promoting the extreme challenge, especially after she pushed veganism for so long. Furious comments were posted on both the YouTube video and a picture on Instagram Parker shared of herself behind a plate holding a large steak. Fans said they were left disappointed by the YouTuber’s decision to drop her vegan diet, which Parker followed for over almost five years, after she inspired them to make the change to being plant-based.

These sentiments were shared with others, with another follower writing: ‘I’m so sorry that you changed your mind about veganism. You were my inspiration at first and now you support the exact opposite. Another follower implored the YouTuber to stop promoting ‘extreme dieting’ to her viewers. Difficult decision: Parker built her following of more than , subscribers largely while promoting her vegan diet. This has all changed after she stopped being vegan in March.

10 Vegan Food Youtube Channels for Vegan Lovers

Hello from Northwest Arkansas! We drove down here from New York to spend time with Duncan’s family. How did it go and what did we eat? Find out in our latest episode

Richard Burgess, better known as Vegan Gains, is a Canadian vegan that transgender-exclusionary dating preferences may be partly socially conditioned. “2 YouTube fitness stars went to war over veganism and cancer”.

From recipes to health to parenting to community gossip, vegan YouTube is alive and kicking and growing in popularity. There’s some amazing channels out there, and not all the best ones have the most subscribers. Her family ,which includes herself, her husband and their one-year-old daughter, are mostly raw vegan and super focussed on healthy living.

If you’re an expecting vegan mom or struggling to find ways to get your kids to eat more greens, you’ll love Fabiola’s channel. How cute is her kid?! Earthling Ed has become a prominent face of vegan activism. Ed is a relentless figurehead in the quest for creating mass awareness of unnecessary animal cruelty, and his videos have proved helped for countless vegans who find it difficult to express their opinions when challenged in debate.

Some of Lauren’s most popular recipe videos include cauliflower wings, tacos, pizzas, and nacho cheese. Lauren proves that taste is not one of the sacrifices you have to make when you go vegan. Think About This would be one of greatest vegan YouTubers ever, if he posted more regularly than once every months. But clearly he has a real life too.

Seriously, his videos are worth their wait in gold see what I did there? Subscribe now, grab a hot toddy and watch the entire back catalogue. Bite Size Vegan aims to simplify veganism.

Top 11 YouTube vegan cooking shows

Even after I became vegetarian, I turned this question over and over in my mind. In the end, it took two full years before I completely cut out eggs, milk, butter, and cheese. But when the time was finally right, there was no question about it. I was ready to eat a plant-based diet. Years later, now that this once extreme lifestyle now feels familiar, I have just enough perspective to wish I could go back and give my pre-vegan self or someone else in my shoes a few pointers.

If you’re dating someone with different dietary restrictions than you, will She says vegans and meat-eaters can date in peace, but it does take.

On April 3, , at p. Aghdam wounded three people, one of them critically, before killing herself. At p. On March 31, , Aghdam’s family reported to the police that Nasim Aghdam was missing. It is not clear if these police officers were aware of the concerns of Aghdam’s father. Police believe Aghdam was motivated by her displeasure at the policies of the YouTube channels that she maintained. Ismail Aghdam, her father, of Riverside County , said that his daughter was a “vegan activist and animal lover” who told him that YouTube had been censoring her videos and stopped paying her for her content.

Her YouTube channel included strange workout video clips, graphic animal abuse videos and vegan cooking tutorials. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vegan Speed-Dating Aims To Spark Veggie Love

She and her boyfriend John create and post impressive recipe videos on their channel, proving that anything can be made vegan. I transitioned over a couple of months but by that date I made a promise to myself to eat fully vegan! I was vegetarian for a long time growing up and went back to eating an omnivores diet and basically I just never felt good. So once I watched Food Inc.

The fact that I loved animals and was eating them never sat right with me either so I had to make the change!

With close to 4m Britons identifying as vegetarian, a meat-free lifestyle has never been so popular. Here’s our guide to the joys of dating a vegetarian.

On their YouTube channel, where Liz and Mari had 11, subscribers, they posted videos in which they promote a vegan lifestyle and faith in God – and discuss how both healed Mari’s cancer. In one video, titled: “Cancer Transformation FAQ,” Mari said: “The lemon-ginger blast helped me remove inflammation from my body,” but that she did suffer from “food withdrawals” when going through a day juice cleanse.

I am going to continue on this path of going natural,” Mari said at the time, “It’s over, it is done with, I am healed. I feel it in my spirit and in my body. In another video, titled “Stage 4 Cancer Natural Transformation,” Mari revealed how God drew her to the fruits and vegetables in the grocery store that would cure her. When she died Mari was following a vegan lifestyle, as promoted on their YouTube channel, but “wasn’t completely consistent with what she had said in the video,” according to Liz.

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Getty – Dmitry Fisher. Picking somewhere to go on a date can be hard enough, but when you’re dating a vegan you might have to think a bit harder. You’ll probably want to check the menu options, leave the leather jacket at home and skip the zoo visit.

Vegan YouTube star is branded a fraud by her furious followers after challenge might be one of Parker’s most controversial ones to date. +

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. But when it comes to relationships, a diet — as well as the lifestyle that comes with it — can sometimes be a deal breaker. He was really receptive of the information I was giving him and went vegan on his own less than a month after we moved in together. She says vegans and meat-eaters can date in peace, but it does take work. Love your partner, be kind to your partner. If your partner has a sudden diet change, Ray says you have to be respectful and mindful of their decisions.

If your partner is trying to be a vegetarian for example, for the sake of their health, ask how you can support them in the relationship. And if someone does suddenly change their diet, use it as an opportunity to explore new recipes or restaurants. If their changes are for health reasons, this may be a good push to help you eat healthier as well. Ray said there are a ton of niche websites catered for diets out there, and no matter who you are with, your partner should make you happy.

World Canada Local. Meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans — can people with different eating habits date?

5 Vegan YouTube Channels to Binge-Watch

The vegan YouTube community is a treasure trove of informative videos about the vegan lifestyle. Here are a few channels to help you on your journey. Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie, fitness fanatic, animal lover or all of the above, YouTube has you and all your vegan needs covered. From tutorials and recipes to interviews and vlogs, a whole vegan community is thriving on the wonderful world of YouTube.

There are hundreds of channels on YouTube that are full of fun, information, food and facts to help vegans worldwide. Check out the accounts featured below and learn how to be the best plant-based pioneer there can be.

So You’re Dating a Vegan. Duncan (vegan) and Liz (not vegan) navigate the challenges of a “mixed diet” relationship. New vids on youtube every now and then.

March Sustainable Living. There seem to be so many high-profile vegan YouTubers dropping the diet at the moment, and I thought it would be constructive to create a page to list the most-followed folks and track which of them fall off the wagon either honestly or by being busted and outed. My reason for making this chart is not to disparage, embarrass, or criticise these people or any of their choices, but to collate the information with the goal of being able to share the facts about how many vegans are forced either to abandon the diet or to cheat – even those whose livelihoods and public identities are so firmly based on their veganism!

Criteria: I have excluded those who have under around , followers. Numbers are rounded down to two significant figures. If you know any other high-profile channels that should be on this list, or if you hear of personalities abandoning strict veganism, please let me know, thanks. My conclusion: From what I can see, high-profile vegan celebrities are dropping like flies!

YouTube star who said veganism and praying had cured her of cancer dies of cancer

The main goal being to create detailed monthly analytics on total viewership interest in veganism, as well as difference between various vegan sub-topics and a sampling of channels analytics on new videos per month only, carefully accounting for anomalous situations. From Philosophical Vegan Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Main Page: Vegan YouTube Directory This page is a mix of finished tables and ideal future finished format sample tables.

Date, April 3, (PDT, UTC−7). Attack type. Shooting. Weapons, Semi-​automatic pistol (Smith & Wesson SD9VE). Deaths, 1 (the perpetrator). Injured, 4 (3 by gunfire). Perpetrator, Nasim Najafi Aghdam. Motive, YouTube demonetization. On April 3, , at p.m. PDT, a shooting occurred at the headquarters of the YouTube Personality Nasim a vegan activist and aspiring.

Canada About Youtuber How to live a cheap lazy vegan lifestyle!!! Vegan me, whether you are a vegan, a vegan enthusiast, a vegetarian, a non-vegan interested in a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Views Count- 32,,. United States About Youtuber I’m a content creator who is passionate about food, dating, and a healthy lifestyle – and dating others how easy it can be. Frequency about 2 vegan per week Since Dec Channel youtube. Views Count- 44,,.

After youtube chefs for many years, we are proud to be the first professional cookery Dating channel dedicated entirely to plant-based cuisine. We are absolutely delighted to provide you dating healthy and tasty youtube that will turn every meal into a mouth-watering feast. Frequency about 1 video per month Since May Channel youtube. Views Count- 17,,. I worked as a professional chef for a number of years vegan going vegan over 2 years ago.

Using my culinary knowledge I eating be bringing you the vegan in exciting vegan recipes every Sunday Frequency about 1 video per week Since Oct Channel youtube. Views Count- 22,,.