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Formed in and fronted by lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Eric Earley, the band have always been ambitiously Americana, soaking in influences as varied as Southern rock, Wu-Tang, classic rock, and Laurel Canyon troubadours. The Truckers have always had a lean towards Southern influenced classic rock and they uphold that tradition on the new album. He told Rolling Stone :. Wonderful book. I finished the book on Saturday and wrote the song on Sunday. Listen to the song below. All photos by Brian Gibbons www.

Blitzen Trapper with Holiday Friends

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Posts about VII (Blitzen Trapper album) The song “Thirsty Man” was released as the album’s only single, hitting #29 on the Adult Alternative Songs

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Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane @ the Black Cat, Monday Night

The Portland, Ore. Unfortunately, the record came out during a time when precious indie-folk music was bubbling to the surface thanks in large part to a soundtrack from a certain New Jersey-based film. In , folk music had once again hit mainstream pop radio, and Blitzen Trapper was left in the dust. Lead singer Eric Earley wrote narrative-based songs that evoke the working class soot of Bruce Springsteen and the keen, steely gaze of Neil Young. Earley and company leaned heavily on this new album, but still threw in some surprises during its sparsely attended Turner Hall Ballroom show on Tuesday night.

Thirsty Man Valley of Death Oregon Geography Neck Tatts, Cadillacs Earth (​Fever Called Love) Drive On Up Heart Attack Faces Of You Don’t Be A Stranger.

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The video for Blitzen Trapper’s newest single, “Black River Killer,” features a studio audience of a talk show all wearing a version of the same horrible mask – one of composure mixed with a sadistic smirk and gray, penetrating eyes. They sit stoically through the early parts of the killer’s story, a plight that is influenced almost solely by his inability to overrule the quick work of the devil and his insatiable hunger for merciless, random murder.

When the explanation is finally out, unraveled like a roll of carpeting – a history of needless, remorseless violence that cannot be slowed or dissuaded – they aggressively call for his head — the same kind of violence to be done to the killer that he inflicted with knives and pistols. The audience is angry and thirsty for what it would call justice, but what the scene, full of whooping and crazed body language, really goes to show is the same natural inclinations for homicidal tendencies in all human beings.

Some are just more “right” than others.

Despite playing for a sparse audience, Blitzen Trapper threw out plenty of the national music press, is one of the Blitzen Trapper’s strongest efforts to date. “​Thirsty Man” brought across the group’s jam band roots, with its.

Blitzen Trapper has always had one foot in the past. The Portland outfit’s last few albums alone have incorporated flavours of Laurel Canyon folk, Ozzy-era Black Sabbath and the mid-’70s prog stylings of Queen into songs of old-timey rural American concerns. At their best, the band have spun their disparate influences into something distinctively theirs, but, at times, they have also invited accusations of being excessively reverential or unoriginal.

On ‘s enjoyable American Goldwing , the band sounded very settled into their formula, by which things appear to have changed by the time they got to recording this seventh LP. Blitzen Trapper has attempted to modernise their sound while preserving their rustic appeal and, in short, they have failed. To varying degrees, each song on VII comprises a combination of two main elements.

Blitzen Trapper shows Vancouver how to be Wild & Reckless

The Blitzen Trapper boys—who hail from Portland, Oregon—have been at the music game together for 17 years now. And instead of burning out they seem to continue to sprint ahead in full creative force. True to their chosen titles, Blitzen Trapper loves the wild road life and the wild road certainly loves them. Blitzen synth-maker and guitarist Marty Marquis opened up the night with some of his solo work, reflecting openly on his choice to stay in Portland rather than move to big cities like New York where bands like his often feel the need to make the pilgrimage to.

But more than anything that the first song gave the Biltmore a taste of disco, a genre that Blitzen often interweaves with classic rock.

As Blitzen Trapper gear up to take this Wild Mountain Nation (and Canada) by storm on It contains five songs, amongst them a single new original (“Going Wrong”). and includes stops alongside Man Man, Menomena, Mahjongg, Grand Archives, and others. Hattiesburg, MS – Thirsty Hippo *.

There’s a scene in Charles Portis’ “True Grit” that goes something like this: “With that, Quincy brought the bowie knife down on Moon’s cuffed hand and chopped off four fingers which flew up before my eyes like chips from a log. Moon screamed and a rifle ball shattered the lantern in front of me and struck Quincy in the neck, causing hot blood to spurt on my face. My thought was: I am better out of this. It provides him with the trappings of something bordering on the Biblical.

Earley and the Trapper live in a pre-modern land of homesteaders and a land where people could easily go missing and never be found again. They take us into this land of memorable characters living through such times that would never remember a worthless, faceless face – just another body behind some odor, some dirty hands and some scraggly limbs.

Blitzen Trapper Announces First Ever Live Album – ‘Live In Portland’

Their first release for Vagrant Records is full of the vivid folk-rock-campfire-tales frontman Eric Earley is so well known for. Skip to main content Skip to footer site map. VII opens with “Feel The Chill,” a southern adventure complete with a woman in her underwear, deer hunting, and of course drowning at the local bar.

Blitzen Trapper – The Number One music magazine feat. band & artist My first choice for personal favourite has got to be ‘Thirsty Man’ purely.

Archives RSS. This is one band for whom a cliche truly applies; they really are better live. Songs that escaped my notice from the new record became favorites after hearing them live, like the groovy keyboard-heavy “Faces of You “- a song that really started off the first real hip-swaying of the night. By this time, lead singer Eric Earley was in typical Eric Earley-mode, adding a quick “yeah” after band members spoke up, and chuckling a little “ha ha” after ending each song.

He doesn’t really talk much. Blitzen Trapper rattled through classics like, ” Thirsty Man ” and ” Wild Mountain Nation ,” but the room temperature seemed to rise along with the crowd’s warmth when ” American Goldwing ” came on, a beloved harmonica-rich, folksy-grass tune off Trapper’s 6th album American Goldwing. It’s soul-awakening lyrics generated the loudest applause of the night yet:. Things stayed mellow with the next trio of beautiful, dark songs: ” Black River Killer ,” ” Lady on the Water ,” wrapping up nicely with the Elton John-like rock anthem ” Astronaut.

Still short for words, Earley was playful with the crowd, making funny faces and gestures at people. During the upbeat, dance-worthy tune ” Shine On ” he finally gave a shout out to one duo who’d been dancing together with matching moves, saying “that’s the best dancing I’ve seen in a while…all synchronized. Just when we thought it was time to say goodbye, the rest of the band stepped out on stage announcing a new cover. It seemed like forever while the crowd whistled and hooted in suspense.

Blitzen Trapper: A bowshot to the heart at the Neptune Theater (PHOTOS)

By Bill DeYoung. Eric Earley: There wasn’t really any. I’ve always been writing songs, and we were all friends who just kind of played, and messed around. It wasn’t too serious. It wasn’t till Wild Mountain Nation that we started to do it for a living.

The Prophet by Blitzen Trapper from their single Thirsty Man. Check out their channel to hear their latest album VII and support this awesome band by buying.

While listening to the third album from singer-songwriter Sarah Jarosz, Build Me Up from Bones , it is hard to believe she is only 22 years old. The prodigious mandolin, banjo, and guitar player has a gorgeous voice, an uncommon way with words that is spellbinding, and she takes chances. VII is a solid return to form for the Portland, Oregon-based rock band after its lackluster previous release, American Goldwing. As the lights dim and the countdown begins, it almost feels like a typical evening at Live Arts.

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Listen across a series of loops, echoes, and howls, and her performances stop you dead in your tracks.

Album Review: Blitzen Trapper

The need for strong, independent local journalism is more urgent than ever. Our readers rely on our comprehensive news reporting. Please support the city we love by joining Friends of Willamette Week. One presumes that, 10 years into its career, Blitzen Trapper would’ve found its sense of direction by now.

Overall, VII finds Blitzen Trapper maintaining its musical muscle even though its the order in which it appears in one’s catalog is pretty unimaginative. in tunes such as “Shine On.” Two tracks later, “Thirsty Man” serves up.

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Blitzen Trapper’s sinister beauty

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Thirsty Man – Single. Blitzen Trapper. Alternative • Play Shuffle. SONG. TIME. Thirsty Man. 1. PREVIEW. The Prophet. 2. PREVIEW. Plenty of.

They were greeted with exuberance by the crowd, delighted the band were back in town after an absence of a decade. Join now. They extended songs into funky cosmic jams; jams that rocked and teased with nimble prog sensibility; jams that never lost sight of the tune or wandered off in to indulgence All Across This Land was filled to bursting with monster riffs but never bored and never bludgeoned. The presentation was unfussy with crystal clear sound and the band easy with each other on the stage, plenty of smiles, clearly enjoying both their performance and the crowd reaction.

The crowd were in raptures throughout, word perfect and dancing, more than pleased the band were back in town after the monster absence — noted by Marquis with a tip of the hat to the Thekla. The band even survived Earley forgetting a lyric, crashing and burning the excellent Rebel and forcing a restart of the tune. Black River Kille r was undoubtedly the most popular cut of the evening, a powerful yet stately rendition, but then the new tunes were received with delight and the well-judged set satisfied in terms of style and span.

The band returned for a stripped back Lady on the Water before Rock and Roll Was Made for You finished the evening in rambunctious style, a blizzard of duelling leads,leaving the crowd hollering for more but satisfied. By jonathon kardasz Tuesday, Apr 19 By jonathon kardasz Saturday, Jun 4 By jonathon kardasz Thursday, Mar 3 By jonathon kardasz Saturday, May 13 By jonathon kardasz Sunday, Oct 8 By jonathon kardasz Monday, Feb 5

Blitzen Trapper – “Thirsty Man” (Live at WFUV)