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Was in a pawn shop, saw a sporterized Arisaka, not import marked, so made a low ball offer, which I did not think they would take. They did, realized I’ve again torqued up the wife, but walked out with the Arisaka. Bore looks good, stock very nice, considering its sporterized. But, what in the heck did I just buy? Looks like a type 99, 7. Others will be by to tell you more detailed info regarding manufacturer etc. Surprise your wife with something she’d like. Possibly yet another gun. Well, she’s out shopping as we speak. I hope she comes home with something and I can tell her how nice it is.

Japanese Arisaka Restoration

The Type 99 was produced at nine different arsenals. Seven arsenals were located in Japan, with the other two located at Mukden in Manchukuo and Jinsen in Korea. However, the outbreak of the Pacific war never allowed the army to completely replace the Type 38 and so the IJA used both rifles during the war. As the war progressed, more and more cost saving steps were introduced in order to speed up production. Late war rifles are often called “Last Ditch” or “Substitute Standard” due to their crudeness of finish.

They are generally as crude as the dated Mauser K98k of Germany, or worse.

or Type 99 Rounds? date Cordingly drew a rough sketch on the reverse of the form showing the location of. Watson’s grave in the garden. In doing Fig 15 – Japanese Arisaka Type 38 rifle, mm calibre with forged steel bayonet and.

Forum Rules. Remember Me? Results 1 to 5 of 5. Two Type 99 arisakas, what’s your thoughts? Any idea what the markings mean? Thanks guys! Or value? Click to enlarge the picture. Hard to tell all the markings and I’m running out the door but this link has all the answers you need.

How it works: Type 99 Arisaka

Japanese model designations of firearms can be confusing. The Japanese used 2 different calendars for model designations. In addition, each Emperor had his own calendar based upon his reign. The Meiji era was from to It was followed by the Taisho era from to and by the Showa era from to

Does anyone know a link, or maybe have info on manufacture dates by serial number, for Arisaka rifles? I just picked up a last ditch type

By Trev, 8 April , in Arms and other weapons. Again, I apologise as I know nothing about bayonets. This one comes from the same friend, who is also as clueless as me!!! Actually it very well could be GW. The British used these Arisaka rifles during the war, for Naval and training purposes. That maker’s mark is correct. OK, a little off-topic, yes, but how does one tell – at glance – the difference between a standard M.

Maker’s marks? Grip screws?

Dating arisaka type 99.

Type a and type b dating They started making type 99 rifle. I was a primer for mauser model rifle japan. Last on: latest posts about arisaka type At first 2 paratroop rifle edition, nagoya made by nagoya arsenal, world war type 99 7.

Arisaka type 99 #1 (I own). Series 4, Nagoya Stamp, no subcontractors. Serial # 19xxx. All numbered parts match (bolt,reciever,buttstock, metal Bands.

Midway Village Museum has a permanent collection of nearly , artifacts. Within the walls of the museum are untold stories of amazing relics. Sarver and why this particular weapon is one of the best bolt action rifles to have been produced. Sarver Livestock Trucking. Sarver owned and operated this trucking company before he entered the Navy. Everett was the U. During that time, Japan was quickly assimilating Western technologies and improving upon them in order to become a colonial power.

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Sale listings are prohibited per reddit’s sitewide rules, posting them including comments will result in a ban. Arisaka Type 99 serial number help i. Thinking about picking up this type 99 with intact mum, AA sights and mono pod barrel band. Can you guys help me with more info based on the serial number?

They are generally as crude as the dated Mauser K98k of Germany, or worse. The Type 99 was produced in four versions, the regular issue.

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Toyoda made bayonets from — The earliest 42nd series examples have the Kanji pointing upward. This is an early example with a highly polished, fullered blade; hooked quillion, contoured grips fastened with screws set in escutcheons; and, a contoured birds-head pommel. Toyoda Automatic Loom Works began producing automobiles in In , the automobile department became a separate company which grew into what is known today as Toyota Motor Sales.

How can I determine the DOM and the arsenal on an Arisaka type 99? But the series number is the most important way of dating it, the.

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Exceptional example of an early First Series 7. The rifle is fully functioning and the bore is exceptional. The Type 99 rifle was adopted in and entered service in ; this example, made by the Torimatsu Factory of Nagoya Arsenal, is one of the first ones received by the Japanese Army in The Torimatsu Factory made approximately 50, Type 99 rifles in ; based on the production series and serial number, this Type 99 was made in October Comes with original muzzle cover.

Very early Type 99 rifles in this condition rarely come on the market.

The main way to date Arisaka bayonets is by the serial number on the Arisaka and also fits the new model rifle T99 Arisaka in mm.

I will admit my knowledge of japanese weapons is slim at best. Here is what I can tell you so far and the few photos i was able to take at the shop, I apologize they aren’t better, I’ll post more when I pick it up next week. I plan to purchase the book “Military Rifles of Japan” very soon and get smart but in the interim your knowledge is appreciated! No Anti-Aircraft wings but same type of sight 2. Has front sight protectors 3.

No dust cover 4. Mum mostly ground off but you can still see a few petals. I believe Kokura Arsenal 8.

A terrific WWII rifle. The Arisaka Type 99 shoots like a dream.